Cunnamulla Fella Challenge Cunnamulla Fella Challenge

To be held on Friday night at John Kerr Park in main arena

“Wannabe” bushmen can compete in the Cunnamulla Fella Challenge where they can test their bush skills against each other in 7 events.


  • Wool Rollin’
  • Cross cut Saw
  • Whip Crackin’
  • Brace & Bit
  • Back to Back
  • Fencin’ Frenzie
  • Bull Ride


  • Team of two
  • 18 years and over
  • Round winner
  • Overall winner is team with the most points
  • Scoring system is in relation to the number of teams competing. Each team gets a point e.g. if there are 13 teams the winner would get 13 points and the teams would be scored down to last place would get 1 point.
  • Must wear hat, shirt and boots

Entry fee:

  • $50 per team – prior registration is to be arranged with Liz Land.
  • Contact 0428 551 587 for further information and entry forms. 

Prize money:

  • $1,200 + sash+ Cunnamulla Fella Belt Buckle
  • ,